Stunning Decks and Basements

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When you have ideas for a new deck or a basement remodel, check out the local framing companies in your area. These businesses are professionals who will help you bring your creative deck building and basement renovation ideas to life.

Creative Decks Delivered by Deck Contractors

Traditionally, you may think of a deck as a wooden structure built off the back of the house at either ground level or at the second-floor level. There are many deck ideas that may work better for your home. Consider the shape of the deck. Most are built as a rectangle with the long side attached to the house. An L-shaped deck may give you more functional space and be a very attractive addition to your home. A deck that is detached from your home and located toward the back of the yard could provide both an intriguing entertaining spot and a quiet recluse for family members. If yard space is a limitation, consider a deck built over the garage roof. The starting point for any traditional or non-traditional deck is a conversation with framing contractors in the Salt Lake area.

Imaginative Basement Ideas

Turn unused basement space into the most attractive area of your home. Hawkeye Framing is working hard to earn a reputation as one of the leading basement contractors in Utah. We will put your basement renovation ideas into action. Whether you want to build a man cave, a playroom, an entertainment room, or a secluded mother-in-law area, we will put our framing expertise to work and help your dreams come true.

Experienced Deck Contractors and Basement Contractors

Framing is the essential foundation for any deck building or basement remodeling project. Only when the underlying frame is built to code, attached securely, and leveled accurately can a deck or basement deliver the beauty and years of use that you want and are entitled to. But a framing contractor brings a lot more to the job than just muscle, hammer, and nails. Knowledgeable staff members from experienced, local framing companies have worked with many customers in the area. They know what works and what the local market expects from a basement remodel or deck build. Framing contractors are the key to the success of your home improvement project. To find a dependable framing contractor that you can trust in Salt Lake or Utah Counties, come talk to Hawkeye Framing.

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