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Knowing Your Options: Material Basics and Residential

Wood DeckFraming Projects

While there are many projects that homeowners can complete themselves, major home remodeling projects and framing construction should be enacted with the assistance of professional home contractors. We at Hawkeye Framing offer homeowners more than 40 years of expertise as framing contractors in Utah, serving communities in both Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Read on for a more detailed description of our diverse services and the types of products we’ll use in your next house renovation.

Residential Framing Product Basics


One of the most important considerations for framing contractors in Utah is sourcing the highest quality lumber. Hawkeye Framing utilizes these to construct the box frames essential for level walls. Whether they’re destined to mask structural, load-bearing basement walls or as part of a new garage addition, it’s vital that each piece of lumber is relatively free of knots and flaws. We take pains to ensure that the product we use to complete any home renovation is of the best quality.


Commercial StructureInsulation is a key consideration in any home remodeling project, which will be shaped by the space itself. There are a variety of different approaches to ensure your new room meets construction code with the appropriate r-value. Fiberglass or rock wool insulation bats and blankets are familiar products, coming in rolls that are cut to fit between studs in any frame.

Other products available include spray or blown-in insulation, which can often be the best choice for house.  A pricier option that offers greater energy efficiency and is perfect for new projects such as basement renovations and new garage spaces is called a Structural Insulated Panel or SIP. These are prefabricated boards, with a tongue-and-groove edge to ensure a complete seal and increase energy efficiency and are often preferred by framing contractors in Utah for residential framing projects. They come in 4×8 panels, crafted from polystyrene or polyisocyanurate. While they will have to be cut to fit around pipes, ductwork, and wiring, they are excellent for new construction projects and ensuring a high level of insulation for basement projects.renovation projects such as loft spaces. The former is a liquid foam that infiltrates tight spaces and forms a barrier against moisture. The latter is a fibrous substance that can be introduced to void spaces and areas either attics or crawl spaces that provides a relatively high level of energy retention for the price. A remodeling contractor may choose these types of insulation to ensure proper r-value in a difficult to access area. This product is also called loose fill and is made of cotton or fiberglass.

It’s vital that homeowners seeking to employ a remodeling contractor for basement upgrades or new construction familiarize themselves with the products used by home contractors. In this way, they can make informed decisions about which company will best suit their needs.