How Can You Tell When Your Deck Needs Replaced?

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Deck accidents sometimes appear in the news. Usually, the deck was poorly designed, or it was holding more people than it was supposed to. Sometimes the deck had simply aged and become weak. How can you tell if your deck has become a problem instead of a home value? Take a few minutes to inspect your deck:

  • Push on the railing. Carefully lean against it to see if it shifts. This is the age of your deck showing. It’s also a safety issue for your friends and family.
  • Does your deck sag when you walk across it? Is this only one board which could be a simple repair? Or is it several boards, and perhaps a sign of wear or rot?
  • Check the posts. Dig down around one and observe the condition of the wood that has been buried in the soil. Is there any rot or other damage? That means your posts, and therefore your deck, have been compromised.
  • Is the deck pulling away from the house? Even the weight of heavy snow could cause it to collapse at this point.

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