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Starting Off on the Right Foot: Products and Their Importance in Basement Framing and Finishing

Many homeowners have a long list of home remodeling projects, many of which can be completed by the residents themselves. However, when it comes to basement finishing in Utah, the DIY approach can lead to costly errors. It isn’t necessarily a consideration of skill alone, but also includes access to and knowledge of the best products and suppliers. It’s important to remember that not all basement contractors are created equal, and homeowners should research companies to ensure the skill set matches the task. Below, we’ll discuss the general types of products needed by any basement contractors to conduct a neat, cost-effective and enduring basement framing and finishing job.

Basement FramingFrom the Beginning

When it comes to basement finishing in Utah, the task is never entirely as cut and dried as it may seem at first. While our basement contractors will assert that high-quality lumber with a minimum of knots or imperfects is an essential component to completing any framing construction project, it indeed isn’t the first step in the process. With many unfinished residential basements, all or part of the level is below ground. This makes waterproofing the first, integral step.


Basement FramingFraming Construction

Framing contractors Utah know that there are specific changes in seasonal humidity, but basements that are below ground level tend to be exposed to a consistent level of moisture from contact with the earth. This can lead to unusual flexion of timbers and other materials if the area is not sealed correctly and the quality of those materials is not of the highest integrity.

Because many home remodeling projects for basements involve both framing for exterior walls and the creation of non-load-bearing partitions, the use of lumber with few flaws and the expertise to construct frame boxes that integrate future swelling or shrinking of timbers is crucial. This guarantees a stable and straight wall in perpetuity.

Finishing projects also entail installing drywall in a space that is traditionally reserved for easy access to the inner workings of household systems. Both constructing framing boxes and installing drywall in basements requires that the framing contractors Utah and elsewhere understand the service and access needs of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.

Hawkeye Framing brings expertise and the highest standard of materials together to provide expert basement framing and basement finishing in Utah to homeowners. Our attention to detail ensures that each project is initiated with a thorough understanding of the environmental conditions of the basement and the specific requirements of the individual homeowner. Our projects begin with superior waterproofing and mold prevention, and expertise is integral at every subsequent stage of the process.