Basement Finishing

When it comes to basement finishing in Utah, the task is never entirely as cut and dried as it may seem at first. While our basement contractors will assert that high-quality lumber with a minimum of knots or imperfects is an essential component to completing any framing construction project, it indeed isn’t the first step in the process. With many unfinished residential basements, all or part of the level is below ground. This makes waterproofing the first, integral step.

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Residential Framing

While there are many projects that homeowners can complete themselves, major home remodeling projects and framing construction should be enacted with the assistance of professional home contractors. We at Hawkeye Framing offer homeowners more than 40 years of expertise as framing contractors in Utah, serving communities in both Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Read on for a more detailed description of our diverse services and the types of products we’ll use in your next house renovation.

Deck Building

Today, deck builders have a variety of materials with which to work. However, wood remains a preferred medium for many homeowners. That’s why the seasoned professionals at Hawkeye Framing make it a point to source the best lumber and use the most rigorous safety measures in every project. Framing contractors in Utah who offer clients their services for exterior construction know that there are a number of factors to consider when sourcing materials. Below, we’ll examine what products are best to use in a deck construction project.

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Commercial Construction

Commercial and industrial framing projects differ sharply from residential renovation in several ways. One of these is the variety of materials used to meet or exceed building safety codes. Below, the experts at Hawkeye Framing walk through the options and types of material generally used in commercial projects, touching upon specific differences between these and industrial framing endeavors

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